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Fuel X Pro Watermelon Flavour

Have you tried it yet?!

Fuel X Pro is now available in a refreshing Watermelon flavour. Choose from either a 55g sachet or 840g bag.

Fuel X Pro contains everything you need to stay energized, hydrated, and replenished during training and racing. The  pro endurance fuel contains premium AMINO ACIDS for improved performance and endurance, Alanine & Leucine. 

How to use Fuel X?

Fuel X is easily and quickly absorbed with minimal effect on the digestive system. Drink during training and racing to hydrate and replenish your body of the nutrients lost.


  • 1 Scoop = 100 Calories

  • 1 Sachet = 200 Calories

  • 1-2 Scoops for the first hour

  • 2-3 Scoops per hour thereafter using hunger as a guide.

Add to 500/700ml/17-24oz of water.
Shake/Stir well to dissolve and enjoy.
Adjust to your caloric need & session time.