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New Vittoria Enduro Race Range


Based on the proven enduro treads Mazza and Martello, Vittoria presents a revamped series featuring a new racing-optimized rubber compound and a new stronger casing construction.

New soft single compound – 1C RACE

The brand new 1C RACE soft compound has been specifically developed to satisfy the needs of performance-oriented gravity riders seeking ultimate grip on any trail and condition. The new compound features an innovative combination of Graphene and Silica filled molecules in a single compound, which provides optimal flexibility and deformation to the tread. As a result, grip and damping absorption are maximized at every lean angle, enhancing traction and control even on the toughest sections.

Speed by more grip is the key performance output that Vittoria’s Mazza and Martello can finally achieve with the 1C RACE compound.

New stronger casing construction

The Enduro Race series uses a new casing that maximizes robustness and puncture protection without compromising flexibility. The 60 TPI nylon casing, plus the reinforcement layer positioned at the centre, offer a strong, reliable multi-layer protection. In addition, the anti-pinch flat insert made with high-tech rubber material protects the tyre sidewalls, at the bead level, from pinch flats and snakebites.
Finally, the folding aramid beads provide easy inflation and dependable air retention for the best tubeless performance.

Mazza Race

Mazza Race uses the same proven tread of the Mazza you are familiar with. The defined centre tread and deep siping in the direction of rotation allow Mazza to roll fast while still opposing drift, especially in off-camber terrain. The stepped leading edge rolls like a ramp, but digs in on climbs, making Mazza a top choice for both front and rear use.

Martello Race

Martello Race uses motocross-inspired squared knobs with directional sipes provides grip and rolling efficiency. The Martello tread design offers exceptional performance on a wide range of rocky and hardpack terrains. The progressive sipe width in centre and side tread allows for tactile feeling at the knob surfaces.