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Tyre Guide for Tour of Aotearoa

On the 3000km Tour of Aotearoa (TA) you will encounter a wide variety of terrain. The ideal tyre is one that will handle most off-road conditions with confidence while having a low rolling resistance for those long-sealed road sections. In addition, the tyre must handle the load and be strong, hard wearing, robust and trouble free.

No single tyre will be perfect in every condition – so choose a great all-round performer.

Vittoria’s performance off road tyres can be run tubeless or with tubes – giving you control.

Our Top Picks

Vittoria Mezcal

This XC flagship tyre is a smart and popular choice. 4C graphene 2.0 compound resists everything you can throw at it and XC-Trail case has added side wall protection. Mezcal has become a firm favourite for TA riders and is highly recommended in many forums. With robust sidewalls and awesome wear quality that sees them last the full distance, handling the off-road sections with confidence yet still rolling fast on the sealed road sections.

Available in 700c plus 27.5" and 29" (2.1-2.6) with 2.25 and 2.35 the most popular sizes

Vittoria Terreno

With a unique directional fish scale tread design, the Terreno 29” 2.25 is evolved from our cyclocross range and is perfect for TA. The Graphene 2.0 compound is fast rolling while providing great grip in all but the poorest trail conditions.

Also available in 650b, 29er and a variety of 700c sizes.

Expert Tip

Pick the version with the Anthracite Gray coloured sidewall –that version has an added layer of cut resistant material over the casing. There is only a minor weight difference, and the extra protection and sidewall strength is great insurance.

Extra Insurance!

If you are running a tubeless system, don’t forget to carry some spare valve cores as these often get gummed up and become problematic. Also carry a small bottle of Vittoria Universal Tyre Sealant for emergencies.

For additional tyre reliability why not add Vittoria Air-liner inserts to reduce the chances of rim impact and give your tyres more sidewall stability, both of which can become increased issues when packed and loaded.

If disaster strikes Air-liners give you the ability to continue riding with dead flat tyres until you can get to an appropriate repair stop, as well as preventing pressure burping and providing bead lock to keep your tyres locked on the rim if you have dramatic pressure loss.

There is a size to suit your tyre choice and they work with any brand of Tubeless tyres and rims. The added weight is minimal.