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Extreme protection for the roughest Enduro and Downhill tracks

Air-Liner Protect

Crafted from the toughest UCI World Series courses, Vittoria’s new Air-Liner Protect Enduro and Air-Liner Protect Downhill have you covered. The Enduro version offers dependable impact protection with a lighter foam density and easy loop installation, while the Downhill version ensures that your wheels stay shielded from even the most high-speed rim hits.

Both Enduro and Downhill versions of the Air-Liner Protect inserts are the lightest in category, constructed from high-density polymer foam to ensure long-lasting product life. It allows riders to confidently tackle even the most demanding trails and terrains by providing a robust barrier between the rim and the tyre, offering unparalleled protection against punctures, sidewall slashes, and pinch flats.

Two new updated Air-Liner inserts for the most demanding Enduro and Downhill courses

Both the new Vittoria Air-Liner Protect Enduro and Downhill systems increase the trusted level of protection riders have come to expect from even the most extreme impacts on the trail. Additionally, both Liners have been designed to shed unnecessary weight from the tire and wheel system, while also increasing dynamic stability, with both versions utilizing the new “T” shape cross-section shape.

Furthermore, Air-Liner Protect Enduro and DH bolster tire lateral stability and bead retention, ensuring that your tires stay firmly in place, even in the most aggressive sections, without any impact on rolling resistance.

  • Saves the rim from heavy impacts and reduces the risk of snake bites.

  • No impact on rolling resistance.

  • Increases cornering support. You can approach turns at full speed.

  • Provides more grip, more comfort, and a natural riding feeling.

Twin versions, one stellar performance

Air-Liner Protect comes in two specific versions, each using the same “T” shape design, with each specifically tailored to deliver performance in its respective domain.

The Air-Liner Protect Enduro version incorporates a lighter-density foam to ensure optimal shock absorption and enhanced handling. The Air-Liner Protect Downhill version boasts a higher-density foam, engineered to withstand the relentless forces encountered during high-speed descents. For these reasons, Air-Liner Protect inserts prove to be highly effective for e-bike use as well.

Unlike its predecessor, the Air-Liner MTB, both versions of the Air-Liner Protect come as a complete loop, eliminating the need to cut and zip the liner together, providing an easier and faster installation.

Air-Liner Protect is available in 2 sizes for enduro (27.5” and 29”), and 2 sizes for downhill (27.5” and 29”). All versions are compatible with tubeless setups only, and with multiway tubeless valves only – a valve is provided in the pack. Air-Liner Protect is now available in New Zealand at your local bike store. RRP $109