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Three benefits of road tubeless-ready tyres

Ever thought about going tubeless on the road?

Tubeless-ready tyres are clincher tyres that do not require the use of innertubes. When tubeless-ready tyres are inflated, air pressure pushes the tyre beads against the rim sides, holding the tyre in place. Tubeless-ready tyres (TLR) require specific rims, which are designed to form an airtight, sealed system with the tyre.

But why go for a tubeless-ready tyre then?

1.      More grip & comfort (you can run lower pressures)

Tyres are the only point of contact between the bike and the ground. The money that cyclists invest in their bikes and wheels can be completely wasted when using poor tyres, or tyres inflated to wrong pressures. Tyre pressure is crucial, as it affects the efficiency and handling of the whole bike.
Tubeless-ready tyres offer a wider range of pressure adjustment compared to clinchers. The lower pressure allows the tyre to work as a suspension by deforming on the road imperfections, and by absorbing road surface flaws. In fact, the imperfections of the road transfer vibrations through the bike, which increase fatigue and negatively impact the tyre rolling. Thus, tubeless-ready tyres can offer increased comfort and grip as well as superior ride quality and improved control on braking and cornering.

2.      Increased speed

As said, lower pressures allow for increased tyre deformation. The extent to which a tyre can deform has an impact on the tyre rolling performance. The more a tyre deforms, the less rolling resistance it provides. In addition, since there is no innertube inside a tubeless-ready tyre, there is no friction between tyre and tube. For these reasons, TLR tires provide lower rolling resistance which translates into increased speed. For many years, the pro peloton has relied on tubular tyres for the best performances and comfort on long races but tubeless-ready tyres can offer even better performances and also easier installation and maintenance.

3.      No pinch flats, no small punctures

Punctures are not fun; we all agree on this one. Not having an innertube inside the tyre reduces the likelihood of getting a flat tyre. Using TLR tyres means getting rid of pinch flats, which are the punctures caused by the rim edges cutting the tube after hitting an obstacle. In case of small punctures, the preventive sealant – which is required for making the TLR the system airtight – can fix small holes on the way. Most of the times, you don’t even notice the puncture as the liquid seals and fixes it immediately.

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