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Find Your Perfect Road Tyre

Road bike tyres for uncompromising speed and comfort

In order to optimize the performance of a road bike, you must understand what tyres are best to choose according to their characteristics and use in competition or training.

Choosing the best racing bike tyres

Racing bike tyres must meet certain prerequisites such as being lightweight, reliable, and resistant. In order to obtain prime performance in all conditions, the weight of the tyre must be between 200 and 270 grams in order to facilitate the rotation of the wheel. The tread must be thick enough to guarantee puncture protection, especially in colder months. A road tyre, in addition to resistance to wear and tear, must also ensure the right grip on slippery surfaces, combined with speed and flexibility to allow for a fluid and dynamic riding style. 700x23 road bike tyres and even more so 700x25 road bike tyres are the most commonly used sizes for racing as they are more dynamic and offer a better ride on any surface and in all seasons.

Sizes of road bike tyres

Tyres with smooth profiles and thin treads, used at high inflation pressures, guarantee the least possible friction with the road. In the better performing models, ideal road bike tyres have a width between 23mm and 28mm, depending on weather conditions and the properties of the road (for the most difficult of conditions, wider tyres are recommended). However, there is only one standard diameter at 28".

Generally speaking you should choose a road tyre that combines speed, resistance, and driving comfort.

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