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Vittoria Tubeless Valves Technology

With tubeless tyres becoming increasingly used and appreciated in all cycling disciplines - and not just in mountain biking where this technology is very common since many years - Vittoria has been investing consistently in tubeless tyres technology.

Vittoria high-performance tyres for road, gravel, mountain bike and e-bike applications are all available in tubeless-ready version. In addition, Vittoria has a complete offer of protective inserts for tubeless tyres - Air-Liner is the only range of tubeless tyre inserts for roadgravel and mountain bike applications. Universal Tubeless Tire Sealant is the ammonia-free and latex-free liquid sealant from Vittoria whose advanced formula makes it extremely effective for both road and mountain bike tyres.

To complete its offer for the best tubeless set-up, Vittoria now launches a new range of tubeless valves. The two new models have been developed to welcome the needs of cyclists looking for the best tubeless performance as well as of those looking for high durability.

Multiway Valves

Vittoria Multiway tubeless valves are made with premium aluminium to offer ultimate performance and lightweight. The alloy cap features a valve core remover tool for easy and quick application.

The Multiway valves are compatible with high-concentrated particles sealant as well as with tire inserts, making it the must-have valves for the best tubeless tyre & rim set-up. The valve base with 4 holes allows an effective flow of air and sealant even with an insert inside the tyre. 
Available in 40 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm, Vittoria Multiway valves are suitable for all type of rim depth, for both road and mtb wheels. The gasket and valve core are replaceable for extended product usability.

Singleway Valve

Vittoria Singleway tubeless valves are made of brass for higher durability. They are compatible with high-concentrated particles sealant and feature a plastic cap. Available in 40mm and 60mm, Vittoria Singleway tubeless valve can be used with the most common rim depths. The gasket and valve core are replaceable for extended product usability.

Main features:
- Made of brass.
- Compatible with high concentration particles sealant.
- Two lengths available 40mm and 60mm.
- Plastic caps.
- Gasket and valve core replaceable.