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USWE Action Backpacks

USWE (YOU-SWII) makes bounce free backpacks and hydration packs that you can wear in action, with a super race-fit so it’s like wearing nothing at all.

All USWE action packs use the patented 'No Dancing Monkey' harness design, making them 100% bounce free.

Hugs better than an octopus on steroids!

  • All packs include the super famous bounce free No Dancing Monkey™ harness system
  • All packs are lightweight
  • All are designed in Sweden and comes with the highest quality standards
  • All packs have a look n feel that kicks ass!

Bike Hydration Backpacks

The ultimate selection of hydration packs for cyclists searching for high-end quality, functionality and lightweight. No matter if you're a racer, freerider or an adventurer.

RRP $215

RRP $230

RRP $250

RRP $150

RRP $190

Running Hydration Vests

Runner Vests with a game changing fit for trail & ultra runners.

RRP $230

RRP $260